Monday, 29 August 2011

Photography, AN ART...!

With this new age of mobile cameras, Photography has become more of an art than a profession....

You will find most of the street boys having superb photos claiming to be their own.... you will mostly be inclined to think that he has copied from net.... but yes they are their own!

This is mobile camera age... anyone can take hundred of shots a day with no camera gear needed
and from that hundred of shots he must be able to select 2   or   3 photos that are competent....

I myself used to take up to 200 snaps in a go, with my mobile at some time... :-)
and then select some snaps to show to my friends to brag..

Don't Wait

hey! don't wait for the site to start ....start going through your photography collection and start making folders with topics

Coming Soon

Hi everyone! PicPaksitan is a competition of its own type. We are first to introduce this type of competition in Pakistan.We are very proud to announce that we are going to launch the competition very soon.........