Thursday, 8 September 2011

Don’t do it everywhere

Photography looks like a very charming thing but sometimes some wars may break out due to this.
                You must be getting enthusiastic that how the hell can photography cause disputes. I’ll show you how!
                In functions like college parties, marriage proceedings, and others, only some designated people are allowed to take the photos for the sake of privacy.
                Some people try to be over smart to take pictures at such places and happen to become the cause of the dispute.
                I have seen many such functions, of whom, the ending ceremony got sad due to such disputes.
So, Here’s a little advice and a sincere request that don’t consider every part of this universe a place appropriate for you to do photography. Let the professionals do the group photos & bridal shoot or get permission first.
                Even when shooting a landscape, architecture, a market place or anything like that, try to make sure no female comes in your photo shots.
                It is also a very good thing morally.