Tuesday, 20 September 2011

How to Create an Amazing Black & White Photograph

Black and white photography is an interesting artistic styling that can really make or break an image. While original photography started out as black and white images, it seems that over the years many photographers have forgotten how to make a black and white photo. I’ve met many people who seem to think that simply converting an image to greyscale or desaturating and image is all that is required. These methods, while they do convert to black and white, do not apply the basic principle of black and white photography: Contrast.

Contrast is what makes a black and white photo truly stand out as a work of art. Strong contrast between the black shadows, the white highlights, and the shades of grey in between are the key to a beautiful black and white image. Strong highlights can make an image seem more live and friendly, while strong shadows can make an image seem more deep and brooding. Typically with Black an whites you want to avoid a large array of “middle grey” as this makes images seem bland and boring.

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