Friday, 9 September 2011

Capture what...?

         In daily routine when you have lost your mood a little, then you surely take photographs and delete them not liking them. Don't you? :)
         At moment of such a stressed mind, i would suggest you to capture things instead of scenes or flowers. the point is that try to make things look like what they are not. try to picture a building under your fist, a tree from a friends head, a car under your feet or something like that.
        Your mind are factories of ideas, you will have to think of newer ideas and implement them successfully.
Here is what i did once,

          I hope that doing this, you will surely lose your stress and will come in a very good mood. I don't guarantee it but my hopes are high.
          Some people will not be understanding this. If someone tries to change or cool down his mood with taking snaps of flowers and/or nature scenery, he will fail, because good shots of nature can only be taken in a good mood, otherwise you won't get a good shot and this will displease you more.

Must try this some time...

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