Saturday, 10 September 2011

Never Exploit, My request

                I have heard of that photo from many sources that was able to bring a big money to its photographer in which a starving child lying with hands, legs and belly on ground was being watched by a vulture.this was the photograph,

                It’s a very heart breaking moment when poverty or critical situation of affected persons is shown in a way that is very close to brutality, and you know that photographer suicide after one year due to haunting from photos he taken during that trip to affected areas in Saudan.
                I know, many competitions and exhibitions focus on the poverty but remember people, the poverty of a person can also be shown by the type of sleep he has, by the type of work he has, his clothes rather than what that photographer pictured
                This photography competition might also be giving the topic of poverty some day or you might be photographing poverty by yourself, what I want to say is that I want you to take a snap that conveys poverty without exploiting it.
                I hope you also happen to view that photograph and become cautious to maintain difference between conveying and exploiting.

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