Sunday, 11 September 2011

Landscapes, you don't have to travel

I used to believe that one have to travel a lot to capture good landscapes and scenes, and I think that same is the belief of many of you...
     But I soon realized this thing that the landscapes are every where around us. Its just that we don't value what we have, and admire the things that are out of our approach. Do you agree?
     If you dont, soon you will after this example i am going to quote.
When you go to Karachi, you do photograph big flyovers and heavy traffic, this all seems to be a little exciting to you, but is just a mess for the residents of those places. Similarly, when a person from Karachi side goes to hilly/snowy areas, he is highly delighted to see and be in snow, but the residents of those places have to face other consequences while living there.
     Its best if you try to capture scenes nearest to you, try to explore new ways to show them. A desert can be pictured in thousands of ways..... similarly a road and a snow fall too.

Let me know of your views too. Do Comment.

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