Tuesday, 13 September 2011

what? watermark! Oh!

          In a country like Pakistan, India, Bangladesh where there is no proper control over piracy, and there is no trend of getting copyrights, it is very difficult that a person publishes some photos with good resolution and those photos don't get copied.
          Also, There are certain websites, on which if you upload your photos, those photos are made available for search engines, and for download by all the world. and the photos are available for download in best resolution.
          I have seen myself people on net claiming others photos to be theirs So, for protecting your photos from piracy, i would suggest some simple steps that i have seen people applying.
          You can get a properly documented copyright, you can upload images in a bad resolution, so that if available to others, its in a bad resolution, so you may prove your ownership. Windows provide Microsoft Office Picture Manager for editing of the photos, you can re-size photos in it to given default smaller sizes as per required.
          Third thing which i have seen most common is adding a watermark on the photo, so that if someone copies, the photo will still be with your watermark. This addition of watermark makes photo a little weird, that intrigues the viewers, but is good for protecting the image from being copied.
          One thing that is in my mind and I still haven't tried it for myself is that a water mark can be removed by using adobe Photoshop, so I personally prefer the uploading of smaller size of photographs for preventing from piracy.
          Let me know your views...

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